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Client: Herno 

Event: Convivio 2016

Job: Concept and Table Design 

The exclusive Gala dinner Convivio is a charity event launched in the 80's by the fashion world headed by Franca Sozzani to support the research against AIDS. Since then every two years all the fashion houses got together in a sort of luxury "flea market" to raise founds and reach new goals in the battle against all the aspects concerning the illness and its cure. The event closes after three days with an extravagant gala dinner where all the brands decorate their table in a very eccentric and arty way. It's a joyful celebration of life and creativity, in the very typical italian way. For 2016 the theme was Music. 

Our team got inspiration from one of the most famous and heart-touching story of the greek mythology: Orpheus and Euridice. 

"NOLI RESPICERE" means "DON'T LOOK BACK" and that's exactly what Orpheus was asked by .... who secretly left Euridice go back to life with him after he played his beautiful music. 

In this sense the myth teaches us that there's no point in looking back because what's gone belongs to the past and can't be brought back to life; at the same time "noli respicere" today is an invitation to cherish each moment and keep alive the faith in the future holding the hand of those who need a help to be taken out of the tunnel (like Orpheus did with Euridice).

The core of the table design was  a central ancient look-a-like resin coated polystyrene statue with a metal structure on top displaying a glowing "noli respicere" italic writing. 

Two small columns on the side had two exclusive metal  headphones: wearing them the guests could listen to the most famous "Orpheus and Euridice" Classical Areas. 

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