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we are

a Creative & Production Studio. [and someone, somewhere, could confirm it...]

we offer

a creative production company specialized in creating video and photo shooting, managing social media contents as well as sponsoring and analysis, organizing events

we like

scouting for young and talented creatives, first-hand witnesses of this generation fluidity characterizing the contemporary world

we support

exchanges and cross-references between fashion/design, innovative start-ups, art and culture and all the ensuing endless possibilities of co-marketing

we confirm

Anomalia Studio was founded in 2018 by experienced [but young inside...] professionals coming from the branches of fashion, marketing, design, graphic, social media.

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In a period in which the lines of demarcation between different contexts of communications are more and more blurred and the intention to develop new approach solutions between the consumers and the brands is in constant evolution, we present a yielding team for a constantly focused creative managing and economic contribution.

Anomalia is a creative studio involving professionals coming from the branches of fashion, art, design, theatre, show business, graphic, social media; young creatives shaped by this generation are first-hand witnesses of the fluidity that characterises the contemporary world. A versatile network thought to offer a bundle of competitive, accessible services aimed at different levels of interest.

So far Anomalia has collected a portfolio of consultancies that range from the fashion/design branch to the innovative start-up to art and culture, encouraging exchanges and cross-references between the above, the ensuing endless possibilities of co-marketing.

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